Acquired 3 Sao Khue awards, HPT affirms orientation and result of software solutions and cyber security services

As announcement of Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) on 28th March 2022, HPT excellently acquired 3 Sao Khue awards for registered softwares, services. This year, Sao Khue competition had 315 applications, in which 178 applications were selected by the Committee for award granting. HPT was awarded for:

1. HCapollo - Cyber security monitoring and alert solution
2. SAALEM - Smart Automatic and Analytic Lending Management
3. Penetration testing service

      Especially, Hcapollo was one of 19 best candidates that ranked 5 Star by the Committee.

      Sao Khue award was a national prestige selection and popular within science and technology community. Sao Khue honors organizations, enterprises, groups and individuals who excellently contribute to Vietnam ICT development. For 18 years  of organizing, Sao Khue grants awards for thousands of software products, solutions and ICT services of Vietnam enterprises. Most of awarded products and services have success. This selection not only evaluates independently expertise of software products and ICT services, but also fulfills “Make in Vietnam” mission of Ministry of Information and Communications – Digital transformation trigger – in promoting brand of ICT market, guiding for best choice of software, ICT service.

      During almost 30 years of development, focusing on the mission Building HPT to become the leading technology company in providing solutions and services of ICT, software development and integrating other advanced technologies, HPT dedicated to develop own capacity through world class products, services that has deep insight into Vietnam market and enterprise challenges, for customers to contribute to the prosperity of customers, HPT and Vietnam.

      HCapollo - Cyber security monitoring and alert solution (SIEM – Security Information and Event Management) has the core feature - real-time attack analysis, correlate, and detection. HCapollo solution is the bridge between traditional security solutions, the link between advanced defense solutions where data is centrally managed, integrates advanced features and provides the ability for 24x7 operation to continuously maintain and monitor information security. HCapollo is designed to collect and process data from an unlimited number of sources to accelerate threat identification and response. HCapollo collects, identifies, normalizes, filters, classifies and extracts data to provide valuable content for effective analysis and investigation. In addition, the data is also enriched by HCapollo with many external sources of information to help expand the context beyond the current system.

      HCapollo completes the gap between a traditional SIEM solution to upgrade to a Next Gen SIEM solution by:
      • Enable workflows for handling security alerts and incidents.
      • Optimize SIEM operation (Clustering simultaneously processes alerts, Automation processes contextual alerts).
      • Integrate with cyber security systems to handle/ response to cyber security alerts.
      • Optimize cyber security investment
        - Utilize effectively equipped cyber security systems through integration response capacity into SIEM system
        - Optimize investment before upgrading SIEM system with SOAR capacity (Security Orchestration – Automation & Response)

      Especially, HCapollo meets requirement of storage, monitoring in compliance with Decree 85/2016/NĐ-CP, Derective 14/CT-TTg of Prime Minister, ICT specification in TCVN-11930-2017.

      Penetration testing service is conducted by HPT cyber security experts in compliance with international standards as OWASP, ISSAF, OSSTMM, …  They use attacking technique and playbook as a real penetration. Vulnerabilities reports in details will be sent to clients to demonstrate potential business impact, suggested secured solution to enhance system security, mitigate risks from cyber security attacks.

      SAALEM - Smart Automatic and Analytic Lending Management – is a part of Digital banking, meets smart automation and analytics for credit process - core process of commercial banks. SAALEM has data model for deep analytics within the system. Through this, SAALEM empowered banks to have insight of their customers – market – risks – products, multi layer analytics. Moreover, SAALEM suggests process optimization through operation, powered by Machine Learning capacity. This is the first solution of HPT that acquiring a national recognition.

      SAALEM adapts challenges of Banking – Finance market with excellent advantages for every scope of Banking – Finance organizations:

      1. Allowing credit policy and operation process changes frequently with high proactiveness. Business operation team can actively change the policy with least support from technical team.
      2. Adapting credit processes that are varied and frequent changed, in harmony with  structure and operation of each bank.
      3. Supporting tools for integrating with available systems.

      Recognized by Sao Khue award through a strict selection, stood out from remarkable products, services of ICT community, HPT affirms expertise in cyber security services and software products (for cyber security and business operation). This result is a huge encouragement for HPT to follow specified orientation, win customer trust in software and service field, enhance business activities, develop sustainably, proactively and efficiently.