Microsoft Solutions for Digital Workplace

Today, businesses have been starting their digital transformation journey, focusing on 3 main goals: transforming customer experience, transforming operating processes and transforming business models. In the context of the current epidemic, solutions for digital workplace or setting up a remote working environment while ensuring flexibility, efficiency and safety are special interests. With the solutions in the product suite, Microsoft 365 will bring efficiency in the formation and optimization of the digital workplace. Meet the expectations and solve most of the problems that the business is facing.


7 Steps for Approaching a Warehouse Management...

When you evaluate your business and determine it is time to implement a warehouse management system, you need to consider these 7 essential components; finding the right software vendor, establish a technology partner, select team members, cost of ownership, training, utilizing the cloud, maintenance and support.

Trend of Digital Business Automation is shifting:...

Artificial intelligent (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are new and hot trends in the technology world in recent years, especially in the field of enterprise software, the main business of HPT. AI and RPA are well suited to serve the key benefits of Digital Business Automation (DBA), a solution that are receiving a lot of attentions and needs from Enterprise customer in the country especially the banking sector.  As an IBM DBA solution implementation engineer at the HPT Application Solution center, having witnessed the change of IBM DBA in recent years, I would like to bring to readers these concepts, as well as analyzing the trend of applying AI and RPA, in DBA solutions, especially the IBM DBA solution suite.