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Vision of HPT Board is Building HPT to become the leading technology company in providing solutions and services of ICT, software development and integrating other advanced technologies.


HPT 25th Anniversary Documentary Film

Introduction of HPT team and HPT culture



Building HPT to become the leading technology company in providing solutions and services of ICT, software development and integrating other advanced technologies.


Mastering and implementing advanced technologies for customers to contribute to the prosperity of customers, HPT and Vietnam.

HPT is determined to be the modern and civilized organization with strongly evolving capabilities, where talents are freely promoted; and the pride of Vietnamese intellectuals.



Integrity – Responsibility

This is the important value which forms HPT style, expresses image of an honest business which keeps conserving its credibility through long-standing responsibility with customers, partners and friends.

Devotion to customers

HPT will not be successful without this indispensable value in services providing field. HPT always considers customers' target and benefit as first priority and exerts all its strength to carry out commitments with customers for development of customers and of HPT.


HPT expresses as a business which keeps trying for the aim building a high quality human resource with experts and very capable managers. Besides, quality control process in every operation of company has been built aligning with unified standard, continuously improved and ensured effectiveness. This is the long-term, throughout, continuous stratergy which HPT tries to fulfill.

Humanity – Harmony

This is the main culture which HPT and its people formed, censerved and developed throughout past 15 years. HPT ensures goodwill benefits and careness for all employees through supportive, facilitating policies as well as encourages employees develop their capabilities. Besides, harmony of HPT expresses in building a working environment in which employees not only work but also entertain happily, live kindly, respect and support each other. This is the culture expressing HPT's own character and promoting traditional value of Vietnamese.


This is the greatest value of HPT people. Teamwork spirit espresses sharing, connecting, together completing shared development goals of company and society, living honestly among people.


HPT builds a team of talented executives. HPT's executives are committed to working hard to achieve their goals, to be devoted to customers, to be attentive to employees, to be honest with the organization.


HPT maintains a working and communicating  style imbued with HPT human identity. We build an entrepreneurial atmosphere that embodies human culture, with clear principles in all activities, communication and recreation. We are a group which are rich in cultural tradition, has strong entrepreneurial spirit, associate together, preserve and develop traditional values to be always bright bright with time.


Understanding corporate social responsibility, HPT actively contributes to meaningful community activities for a better life..
Maintain charitable activities:

  • Donation for Covid fighting campaigns
  • Visit and donation for Orphanage Center of Can Tho, Dong Thap
  • Continuous charity for highland citizens