SMARTNOC – Monitor for over 3000 Unifi Wifi devices

SmartNOCis a comprehensive, highly customizable IT monitoring solution help administrators reduce the time to monitor, detect, warn, and handle problems.

For businesses, SmartNOC brings many benefits such as optimizing the cost of deploying a monitoring system, cost of IT equipment and human resource, and reducing risk and damage on the IT system by detecting and handling problems quickly.

Who is the customer of HPT?

Online Solutions Services business center of FPT Telecom International Company Limited (FTI-OSS) is one of the leading companies in Viet Nam, specializing in distributing supplying Wi-Fi devices and Wi-Fi marketing solutions for personal use, stores, chain stores, businesses, enterprises, and organizations.

The challenge of FTI-OSS in improving users’ experience and quality of services

Most of the customers of FTI-OSS are chain stores, coffee shops, restaurants… where wireless networks play a vital role.

Beside providing internet connections for end-user, these businesses also use Wi-Fi as the primary infrastructure (or the only infrastructure) for connecting devices such as POS machines, cameras, screens, tablets... Therefore, the reliability and stability of wireless infrastructure are increasingly concerned by business owners.