Upgrading the Email System and Synchronizing Active Directory and Azure AD for SCAVI Corporation


SCAVI Corporation is a 100% foreign-invested Joint Stock Company from the French corporation Corèle International, ranking among the top five companies in the Lingerie industry in France. SCAVI Corporation was one of the first foreign-invested companies in Vietnam (investment license granted on September 28, 1988). Specializing in the Lingerie industry, SCAVI Corporation provides commercial lingerie products to major companies in France, Europe, and the Americas. Its headquarters is located in Bien Hoa Industrial Zone II, with factories in Bien Hoa, Lam Dong, TT-Hue, and other operating bases in France, Laos, and China.


Challenge: The email server system running on Microsoft Exchange 2010 is outdated and serves nearly 900 users across four different sites: Bien Hoa (Head Office), Hue, Bao Loc, and Da Nang. The email migration process from Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 must ensure no loss of user emails and no disruption to the current SCAVI system.

Project Requirements: Migrate the Microsoft Exchange 2010 email system to Office 365. Synchronize all users in the Active Directory system with Office 365. Ensure data safety (emails, calendars, contacts, rules, etc.) and minimize system downtime. The email data volume per user is large, with a significant number of users scattered across multiple sites. Additionally, user Outlook configurations deviate from Microsoft's ActiveSync standards, causing all user emails to be stored locally on workstations and complicating the migration to Office 365.


Solution for Email System Migration and Active Directory and Azure AD synchronization: The chosen solution for SCAVI's email system migration is a Cut-Over approach combined with IMAP Sync. Cut-Over: All emails, contacts, calendars, etc., will be synchronized with Office 365 in stages and run multiple times to ensure complete synchronization. Once the Cut-Over process has been executed multiple times and email synchronization is nearly equal, the MX record will be switched to redirect new emails to Office 365. Install Azure AD Connect tool to synchronize Active Directory and Azure AD. To prevent email loss during the migration process, HPT applies an additional IMAP sync method to ensure no emails are left behind. Collaborate with SCAVI's IT team to reconfigure Outlook profiles for end-users. Users with POP3 configurations will have their old PST files mapped to enable access to their emails. Check and resolve any issues that arise after the migration to Office 365. Remove the Exchange 2010 email system once the migration process is completed.


Free up existing email servers for other services. Cost savings in operation and maintenance. Eliminate the need for system operation, troubleshooting, and data backup, allowing administrators to focus on developing other services and enhancing their role within the organization. Enhanced organization and user productivity through access to the latest Microsoft technologies such as Exchange Online, Skype for Business, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams. Upgrade the mail service infrastructure for free when Microsoft releases new products. Improve work efficiency and data integrity with Microsoft's commitments.