Deploying Desktop Conferencing Solution for Nguyen Kim Electronics Supermarket


Nguyen Kim is a leading electronics, refrigeration, digital, and IT product retailer in Ho Chi Minh City and nationwide. As a representative of top global electronic brands, Nguyen Kim aims to build and develop the most modern and extensive chain of electronics supermarkets, positioning itself as a leading retailer in Vietnam.

To achieve its goals, Nguyen Kim has set specific requirements for quality management, including maximizing computerization throughout its business processes, leveraging scientific and technological management advantages, enhancing transparency, simplifying procedures to improve operational efficiency, and cost savings.


With three shopping centers located in District 1, Tan Binh District, and Hoan Kiem District in the major cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the geographical distance posed certain communication challenges for Nguyen Kim, such as travel time, travel costs, and communication effectiveness. Based on this reality, Nguyen Kim required a real-time collaborative communication solution that would enable managers and employees to quickly and directly communicate with each other, enhancing work efficiency and improving communication capabilities. Nguyen Kim identified the need to establish a communication system that not only brings added value but is also user-friendly, easily integrated with existing IT infrastructure, and provides robust operational performance.


Nguyen Kim chose and entrusted HPT with the deployment of a Desktop Video Conferencing solution to address the challenges. The Desktop Video Conferencing solution provides comprehensive voice, data, and high-resolution (HD) image services to all individual users using personal communication devices (PC, laptop, mobile), collaboration groups (Video Endpoint for Team), and online meeting groups (Video Endpoint for Room system).

The Desktop Video Conferencing solution is a next-generation communication solution established based on the following key components:

- Multipoint Control Unit (MCU): Provides high-resolution image processing capabilities with Full HD 1080p, powerful audio and image codec tools. The MCU supports web-based data interaction, particularly with the superior Scalable Video Coding (SVC) feature. The MCU ensures quality for users participating in IP network meetings, even in transmission environments with up to 5% packet loss. With its diverse integration capabilities, the MCU is built on the robust H.323 and SIP platforms to ensure full compatibility with IP networks, ISDN networks, and 3G networks.

- Desktop Server: Connects individual users and records meetings. It allows users with equipped cameras on personal computers to engage in audio, image, and data interactions with Video Conferencing sessions, including video calls, web meetings with audio, image, and data sharing capabilities, and access and calls from mobile devices using wireless and IP networks (Mobility). Additionally, the Desktop Server supports recording functionality, allowing for meeting content recording and playback when needed.

- Video Conferencing System Management (IView): IView is a management and scheduling system that centrally manages and controls all components of the Desktop Video Conferencing system in real-time, including end-user devices, MCUs, Gatekeepers, Desktop Servers, and more.

- End-User Component (Desktop Pro): Enables users to establish their own directory system, observe the status of other users, and make Point-to-Point calls with HD 720 resolution