Building a state-of-the-art infrastructure for Masterise Homes

Introduction to Masterise Homes

Masterise Homes (hereinafter referred to as Masterise) - a member of the Masterise Group, is an international real estate developer pioneering the application of global standards in the development, operation, and management of real estate products and services in Vietnam and around the world.

Masterise's information technology system has been invested in since 2018 and is located at the Head Office. Due to the rapid and continuous growth over the past 3 years, the system has become overloaded, resulting in decreased retrieval speed and insufficient resources to support new applications and systems.

Project Requirements

With the increasing number of real estate projects, Masterise requires a large-scale, scalable, and high-speed information technology system to ensure uninterrupted business operations.

Recognizing the importance of information technology infrastructure for the company's development, Masterise is always ready to adopt new technologies. The effectiveness of technology investments is always a top priority for Masterise.

Furthermore, the construction of an information technology system for each project needs to be deployed as quickly as possible. Masterise prioritizes building a separate system from the existing one rather than creating a new system and integrating it into the current system.

Consulting and Deployment Solutions from HPT

In response to Masterise's challenges, concerns, and investment needs, HPT provided consulting on a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solution based on Microsoft technology and HPE physical servers.

The HCI solution was implemented as a completely new and separate information technology system from Masterise's existing system. In the case where users in the new system need to access data from Masterise, the administration team will establish a connection from this HCI system to the system located at Masterise's Head Office.
To effectively utilize the invested HCI system, Masterise has employed the Hyper-V virtualization technology on the Windows Server platform as advised by HPT. Furthermore, the software licenses for the virtual machines running on the Hyper-V platform comply with the Windows Server 2019 Data Center edition.

With the need for scalability and high-speed data access, HPT proposes the use of Software-Defined Storage technology integrated into Windows. This technology aggregates and leverages the hardware capabilities of multiple physical servers to ensure that virtual machines and Failover clusters operate at high speed and with high fault tolerance.

The effective outcomes

The HCI system implemented by HPT has helped Masterise ensure high-speed data access for users in each real estate project.

In addition, HPT has deployed Windows Admin Center to simplify the administrative tasks for the IT team. They no longer need to directly connect via RDP to individual servers but can perform remote operations through a web interface.

In case a physical device (such as a hard drive) becomes damaged or faulty, the repair process simply involves removing the old device and inserting a new one, without the need to shut down the system. The Software-Defined Storage technology will automatically update this change.

The HCI system designed and deployed by HPT has received high praise not only from the Masterise IT team but also from the direct users of applications and services on the new system platform. Survey results indicate that the majority of users are satisfied with the processing speed and accessibility of the new system. The system also significantly reduces the time, complexity, and improves the effectiveness of application deployment and system administration tasks for the IT team compared to before.

Project Results

HPT has closely collaborated with HPE and Microsoft from the survey, consultation, and model design phase to proposing solutions, implementing practical deployments, and providing technical support, system maintenance, and warranty.

Masterise fully trusts HPT's deployment team for their professionalism, learning spirit, willingness to overcome challenges, and ability to handle complex requirements. This can be considered as the first HCI project on the Microsoft platform implemented by HPT, accompanied by demanding requirements in terms of both functionality and deployment time. However, HPT's team of engineers has successfully delivered the project, exceeding the committed timeline.

The On-Premises HCI project combines Microsoft technology with HPE hardware infrastructure, along with virtualization projects, HCI, private cloud on the VMware platform or other open-source platforms, proving HPT's deep expertise, diversity, and multi-platform capabilities. This helps customers feel completely confident when using HPT's solutions and services.