70% reduction in warehouse management : Lien Viet Xanh has succeeded with HPT

70% reduction in warehouse management : Lien Viet Xanh has succeeded with HPT

Warehouse operation management plays an important role in the business, but manual management currently has many shortcomings with a high error rate and not a small cost.

In particular, the Covid-19 pandemic in the past 2 years has greatly impacted the supply chain as well as management, logistics and delivery activities: erratic demand for goods, stockpiling goods waiting for customers to buy risky customers, order fulfillment speed become a competitive factor and the problem of balancing operating costs is always a concern of managers.

HPT and Lien Viet Xanh go to find "nodal points" in cold storage management

With nearly 30 years of experience in implementing IT projects on many different scales, fields and models, HPT and warehouse management system (WMS) have been trusted to accompany Lien Viet Xanh finds Food Joint Stock Company. solutions for businesses in optimal warehouse operation and management.

Lien Viet Xanh Food Joint Stock Company has more than 12 years of experience in the field of trade and import and export, in 2018, the company officially went into independent operation, specializing in the field of import and export of commodities. agricultural products, seafood and warehouse systems spanning many areas of Hanoi, Hai Phong, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Kien Giang.

In particular, the frozen food industry is diverse in types and quantities of goods, it is necessary to closely check the quantity of inventory as well as the due time of the products to ensure the quality of goods and minimize costs. The HPT WMS team with long experience in this field and Lien Viet Xanh have jointly identified the nodes in the system: difficulty in inventory management, no management system and warning of expired goods…; The import-export process is operating improperly, causing a lot of costs; There is no warehouse diagram, causing many obstacles to the search, tracking, inspection, import and export activities; Goods are managed manually (Not labeled with serial code or barcode) causing difficulties in warehouse operation.

Along with enthusiastic advice, suitable to the reality of the business and reasonable cost, in February 2022, the Board of Directors of Lien Viet Xanh signed a decision to cooperate with HPT on providing solutions. Manage and operate HPT WMS (deploying cold storage in Hai Phong) on Cloud environment.
Manage cold storage easily with HPT WMS

The HPT team conducted a survey, analyzed, and proposed a plan to digitize the warehouse management activities of Lien Viet Xanh. Develop warehouse management process and conduct training for employees at warehouse and office. Setting up a mechanism to sort by area of goods, by type of location provides an effective reporting system in real time...

Despite many difficulties in the implementation process due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, HPT has ensured the project completion time in 30 days as committed. When the project is completed, Lien Viet Green Company has a smart warehouse management system, increasingly optimal warehouse operation, increasing competitive advantages in the market, especially in the hot field of import and export: Save costs, improve employee productivity; The entire import and export process is standardized; The warehouse diagram and the location of goods are clear to save time in import and export and monthly inventory; Real-time import and export reports for relevant departments and the Board Of Directors…; Shorten 70%   of the time to search, sort, receive and receive goods in the warehouse; Increased operating accuracy; Minimize the loss of goods through the implementation steps.
During the acceptance meeting at the beginning of March 2022 in Hai Phong, the  representative of Lien Viet Xanh - Mr Hung (Deputy Director of Lien Viet Xanh company - Project Leader), shared: "Currently, Lien Viet Xanh company is very  satisfied with HPT-WMS software HPT's solution has helped the Board Of Directors to optimize and standardize the warehouse operation process, reduce goods loss, and save operating costs. Our company will expand the solution deployment to the remaining warehouses."
In today's highly competitive and increasingly difficult environment, which requires businesses to be faster, to operate and manage more scientifically and more modernly, and Lien Viet Xanh is a clear proof of the transformation activities that bring innovation to the world, high efficiency in operation.
HPT is proud to accompany Lien Viet Xanh and enterprises to solve the problem of warehouse operation management.
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