IT Infrastructure Solutions

As the highest partner level of the leading IT manufacturers all over the world, HPT is capability to provide and integrate almost all of IT infrastructure solution such as Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Network, Video conference, Unified Communication and Database solution for enterprises and organizations.


Nowadays, the explosion of Internet and Internet’s Applications has changed the structure of enterprises. As the results, the traditional transaction has been replaced by electronic one through the Internet which has a great effect on business process (customers, partner, providers …). Through the time electronic transaction has been increasing in speed, accuracy and safety. Therefore, the upgrade of IT infrastructure is required for enterprises to improve speed, services, applications, flexibility and security with the suitable budget.

HPT has managed in system integrated in HP, IBM, Juniper to provide overall IT infrastructure solutions meets the enterprise’s needs.


Based on decades of accelerating ICT application throughout Vietnam, HPT aims to transform business management to digital transformation strategy, to build digital capabilities for HPT and HPT ecosystem.

HPT established partnership with Microsoft from the first days of Microsoft presence in Vietnam. From this milestone, HPT goes along with Microsoft closely in building practical success for enterprises and organizations throughout Vietnam.

We offer multi-sector holistic solutions built on the best practices and industry standards.