Nowadays, the explosion of Internet and Internet’s Applications has changed the structure of enterprises. As the results, the traditional transaction has been replaced by electronic one through the Internet which has a great effect on business process (customers, partner, providers …). Through the time electronic transaction has been increasing in speed, accuracy and safety. Therefore, the upgrade of IT infrastructure is required for enterprises to improve speed, services, applications, flexibility and security with the suitable budget.

To solve the quiz, enterprises have to build up a network system with advanced structure, ability of integrated with high speed and create the applications unifted internally and externally.


Replacing the inftexible infrastructure with flexible, integrated, virtualize and shared one is now IT trend. Therefore, deploying enterprise IT infrastructure use not only routing, switching, but also requiring integration on one unifted framework.
Bases on Cisco technologies, HPT has managed in system integrated in HP, IBM, Juniper to provide overall IT infrastructure solutions meets the enterprise’s needs.
Intensive Solutions:
+ Networking and Unifted communication
+ Networking and Security
+ Transferring Networking and database
+ Unifted Cloud Computing
+ Intensive networking management

Cisco Service-Oriented Architecture
Specialist Solutions:
For each type of enterprise, HPT provide each specialist solutions for effciency and optimize budget:
+ Finance & Banking
+ Production business
+ Government
+ Services provider
+ Urban areas
HPT apply the newest technologies of world leading IT companies to build up the solutions:
+ Cisco Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): giúp cho doanh nghiệp định hướng sự phát triển, mở rộng có mục đích đối với các hệ thống mạng, hướng tới môi trường mạng thông tin thông minh (Intelligent information network) giúp cho việc tăng nhanh các khả năng hỗ trợ ứng dụng, dịch vụ, mở rộng tiến trình kinh doanh, nâng cao lợi nhuận.
SOA structure includes 3 layer:
+ Networked infrastructure layer: link the function following ordered layer structure.
+Interactive services layer: allow multi application’s user.
+ Application layer: include collaboration and business applications. These apps will be match with the service from other layer for speed and effciency.

Cisco Data Center 3.0: Data center (DC) was build networking foundation. Each IT department will receive DC as a private function, including applications, server, networking, save … virtualized, separated, unifted and shared.

Datacenter 3.0
DC 3.0 Data Center provide:
+ 15 terabit/s high-speed switching on Core High-speed Ethernet 10/40/100GE combine with unifted fabric help removes reserve link, parallel link, decreases hubs on server and cable infrastructure.

+ Advanced NX-OS enhance the DC stable, link between separated network, upgrade the real-time system with highly continuously.

+ Apply the virtualization break through like virtual communication, separated the system into logic parts which have their own process and display. Combining the virtualization and new technologies will help enterprises build the stable and effciency DC, more uploading and saving power.

HP FlexNetwork: was built to fully exploit the power of multi – concept, virtualize, mobility and Cloud Computing.

+ FlexFabic: simplifted, scalable and automated connectivity for virtualized compute, storage and cloud through a common data center fabric - delivering end-to-end software-defined network services in the data center

+ Flexcampus: improve performance, reduce delays time and enhance security based on access identi- fter and multi – concept on wire or wireless.

+ FlexBranch: expand and simplifted system building and brand security, integrated high – tech and requirement to ensure services providing continuously and easily.

: Remove the complex of multi system management by only one management process HP Flexnetwork

HP Plexnetwork

Cisco Open Network Enviroment – ONE:One unifted Framework, easy to customized and integrated.

+ More Flexible and intensive.

+ Simplifted operation and reduce total cost.

+ Provide advanced apps and services for virtual and physic environment on Cloud.

Cisco Open Network Enviroment


HPT is a professional SI with over 20 year – experiences. We was deployed many big IT project in Vietnam, capable of provide and integrated mostly IT infrastructure, Networking and media solutions, Server, Security, Database, software… In Networking Solutions, HPT managed in customized and deploy integrated solutions, provide suitable ones. We are specialist in intensive system required continuously, security like Finance and Banking, Production Business, Database … HPT is now a premium partner of world leading IT company like Cisco, HP, IBM … along with Microsoft, Checkpoint, RSA… which help us ftexible in providing solutions.

HPT always focus on investing in training and development along with create a pleasure working environment. HPT is one of the few company in Vietnam has a specialist team professional in networking and security with CCIE, CCNP, CCNP Voice, HP AIS… along with brands and human resources to make sure qualication and worldwide project. Besides, HPT Services providing was quality controlled by ISO 27001, CMMI… for customers trusted.

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