Database Solutions


With the explosion of information technology, database systems has become the important component in enterprises. Database is the foundation of application systems for manufacturing, marketing, sales, customer service …

Setup a proper database system is a big challenge for most enterprises. The proper database system should be stable working with high performance and availability even disaster occurs. In addition, database must be protected from both inside and outside threads.


Over 20 year experience in ICT provider. As a platinum partner of Oracle, HPT has a team of expert database system with International certifi- cates: OCA, OCP, OCE ... full experience to install, maintenance, optimization, troubleshooting large and complex database system.

Investing lab with full of equipment and infrastructure

Full experience in consulting and implementing database solutions and services for many large project in domestic and oversea such as: the Ministry of Finance, Vietinbank, Techcombank, BIDV, EAB, HD Bank, Liberty, Saigon New Port, National Bank of Cambodia ...

HPT applies ISO 9001, ISO 27001, CMMi in management process


Centralized ILM solution prioritizes managing valuable exploitable information, meeting storage policy requirements, utilizing existing values of the enterprise to increase business value and achieve higher efficiency in organizational operations.

Oracle Active Data Guard (ADG)

Oracle ADG ensures that the standby database is synchronized with the primary database down to each transaction. If the primary Database becomes unavailable due to an incident or requires maintenance, Oracle ADG will promote the standby database to the primary role, minimizing system downtime. Oracle ADG can also be used with backup, recovery solutions, and clusters to provide a high level of availability and data protection.


Oracle Data Guard is the solutions for database include one primary database and one or many standby databases. The standby database continuosly syncronize data from primary database via redo data generated.


The Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) is the solution for database running on many servers but provide a single database service, transparent to applications, by storing database on a shared storage. RAC provide the high availabity of database incase one server failure or has to be shutdown. RAC is easy to expand and cost saving.


In such a competitive business environment, enterprises need to catch up with the information. This require a system that can be integrated and synchronized information from difierence sources without losing security and effciency. In big scale enterprises, serving the large number of customers through critical application system is essential.


OEM (Oracle Enterprise Management) Grid Control is the web interface application. It help manage all IT systems in one place. OEM Grid Control support the manager to cover the IT system infrastructure include Oracle’s and others such as server, storage devices, database, middleware, application server, network devices …


Oracle Advanced Security provide encrypted applications for Oracle database, secure the important data when invasion attack on network, windows, hardware or copies. Besides, the Oracle Advanced Security support the identity of apps, users.