System Services

Today, most businesses are aware of the role of Information Technology (IT) in increasing business efficiency, increasing competitiveness in the market. More and more IT applications, OnLine Analytical Processing (OLTP) applications are deployed, resulting in demand for data security, system availability, automation and Continuous business data access is increasing. In order to help customers optimize the investment in building the system, effective management of IT environment is becoming available Increased value, continuous access and open compatibility, HPT introduces high-end system services.


Rapidly approaching, simplifying the process of deploying advanced but feasible, system-compatible solutions and services that are optimized for each IT environment, characteristics and specific requirements of each customer.

Cost savings for IT personnel.

Early warning of potential threats may affect the safety of the system, helping to maximize customer service with the most reliable system.

Helping clients invest in the IT strategically, understand the facing challenges with the long-term commitment of HPT.


As a leading partner of most of the world's leading manufacturers of server systems, storage, software. HPT is flexible and proactive in design, solution and service to meet customer requirements.

Ability to design solutions, choose the right equipment for the application, load level, development capabilities, scalability ... Especially specialized applications require strict availability and Core banking, finance, securities, telecom, etc. have large scale and complexity.

Processes and documents are standardized according to international standards and manufacturers' standards. The process is clear, highly persuasive (including: solution presentation, proof of capability (PoC), test implementation ...) before providing solutions and services.

Qualified technical staffs with senior certificates of leading manufacturers in the world, with practical experience through large projects with high-class equipment: Vietinbank, Techcombank, Sacombank, SHB, SeaBank ...


Through the consultations, customers confidently decide for right solution for their business environment in order to achieve the most effective result, economical investment, contributing to the development.
HPT can consult on total solutions, investment in phases to specialized solutions in each group: operating system, server, storage, system administration, data synchronization.


HPT implements and upgrades servers and storage systems of most of the world's leading manufacturers. Servers include mid to high-end dedicated server lines for high-performance computing. Combined with the deployment and upgrades of midrange storage systems, HPT also offers high availability solutions, partitioning solutions, and server virtualization.


HPT’s loading and performance analysis, and optimization services provide customers with analytical tables to ensure that the performance of the system is always at the optimum level. HPT engineers will evaluate server performance and plan for comprehensive development, ensuring that the IT environment of the business can keep up with current and future business needs. Simultaneously, it is possible to improve existing equipment by detecting bottlenecks that help prevent system degradation. This service is designed to build a solid foundation for the enterprise to achieve high performance and efficiency with low operating costs.


System maintenance and periodical technical support of HPT help the server system, high-end customer's storage is cared periodically monthly, quarterly and supported troubleshooting in time when there. Incidentally, from then on, the customer's system can operate in a stable manner, best suitable for the business activities involved. The service also includes consulting, timely warning and replacement of equipment when the system fails to correct immediately, which saves maximum investment in storage equipment.

Typical Clients