Security ahead of attacks: Securities commission issues urgent warning

The recent cyberattack targeting a major securities company serves as a warning to businesses about the importance of securing information systems

Immediately following the incident, the State Securities Commission issued a warning notice, urging securities companies to review and enhance security measures to ensure the safety of customer transaction activities. According to information from the Securities Commission, this case is one of several attacks on the information technology systems of securities companies causing disruptions. To address the situation, the Securities Commission has requested securities companies to conduct thorough reviews of security measures, especially for online securities trading systems, to mitigate security vulnerabilities.

Additionally, companies are required to review and report on procedures related to online transactions, risk controls, data backup systems, as well as cybersecurity incident response and mitigation measures. In the event of detecting signs of cybersecurity breaches, securities companies are required to proactively address and promptly report to the Securities Commission and relevant authorities for support and specific guidance. It is noteworthy that the Securities Commission also emphasizes compliance with securities laws regarding the security of information technology systems and backup databases to ensure the safe and continuous operation of securities companies.
In a statement to the media, a representative of a securities company stated that their system had been attacked by an international organization, resulting in an inability to access the trading platform. The company is making every effort to address this situation and has been cooperating with leading technology partners in Vietnam and relevant authorities to handle the incident.

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In addition to using security solutions/services, businesses also need to:

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  • Backup data regularly
  • Have a plan to respond to cybersecurity incidents

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