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Beware of Impersonation Scam Targeting Apple Support Staff : Secure your account now with Yubikey.

The Information Security Department has recently issued a notable warning about the emergence of a new fraudulent form that aim to Apple users. Let us review the tactics of this scam alongside HPT and explore preventive measures through the article below:

(Source: The Information Security Department - The Ministry of Information and Communications)

1. The mechanism of impersonating Apple support staff in fraudulent activities.

By making the impersonating Apple support staff calls, fraudsters abuse the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature to seize users' accounts. An impersonating call is one of common techniques that used to deceive the users by fraudsters. Through spoofing caller IDs to appear as if coming from Apple or another reputable organization, they can create a sense of trust and prompt users to take unsafe actions.

In the call, the scammer will often notify you that your Apple account is experiencing security issues and request you to provide your Apple reset password. They will concoct a plausible story, even impersonating an Apple support staff member, to persuade you to trust them and divulge personal information. Once you provide the reset password, the scammer will use this information to access your Apple account. The consequences could include financial loss, theft of personal information, or even the misuse of your account to engage in unethical behavior that tarnishes your personal or organizational reputation.

Exercise caution with unsual calls

2. Enhancing vigilance is never "futile"

To safeguard your Apple account from these fraudulent cyberattacks, consider the following crucial steps:

  • Exercise caution with unfamiliar calls: Refrain from responding to unfamiliar calls, particularly those impersonating support services. Verify the caller's information before proceeding with the call.
  • Verify information: When receiving a call from Apple or any other service, meticulously confirm the caller's details and request evidence pertaining to the discussed issue.
  • Avoid disclosing personal information: Always remember that Apple or any legitimate service will never ask for your password or personal information over the phone.
  • Directly contact Apple: If you require assistance, visit the official Apple website or contact their customer service directly.

3. Upgrading the security of your Apple account with YubiKey security key

In addition to traditional security measures, enabling Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is considered an important step in protecting your Apple account. Specifically, using the YubiKey passwordless authentication solution provides peace of mind and enhances security for your Apple account.

Yubikey is used for both two-factor authentication (2FA) and passwordless authentication – verify without password, allowing users log in their account conveniently while ensuring security. YubiKey operates across all computing platforms, with every access management solution, and supports over 700 applications.

When logging into your Apple account, using YubiKey adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that only users with YubiKey can access the account. With this feature, you can have peace of mind knowing that your personal information and account are protected against increasingly common online threats. YubiKey not only secures your Apple account but can also be used for many other online services, from Google to Facebook and Microsoft. This provides convenience and flexibility for users in enhancing security across their entire access system.

Activated Yubikey security key with Apple account

Yubikey brings many benefits for Apple users:

  • Enhancing security: Yubikey uses physical key technology to verify your identity; Therefore, it helps prevent the cyberattacks and illegaly access into your account.
  • Easy to use: Using YubiKey is very simple, just plug it into your device and touch the key to quickly and conveniently verify your identity.
  • Flexible and versatile: YubiKey is compatible with various online services, including your Apple account, helping you protect your personal data and important information from anywhere.

4. HPT - a reputable provider of genuine, affordable YubiKeys in the Vietnamese market

To help users enhance the security of their Apple accounts, HPT offers genuine YubiKey products at affordable prices, ensuring quality and safety features for users in the Vietnamese market. With a mission of professionalism and reliability backed by nearly 30 years of experience in the IT industry, HPT not only meets the needs of individuals but also of organizations and businesses.

Customers can completely trust the reliability and effectiveness of the YubiKey products provided by HPT.

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