YubiKey Two-Factor Authentication Solution

1. The importance of passwordless authentication

The importance of passwordless authentication

Account information theft is becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex

Cyberattacks to steal passwords hijacking personal accounts cause billions of dollars in damage to businesses every year. According to a report by American multinational telecommunications company Verizon, 81% of data breaches occur due to weak, stolen, or reused passwords. The cause of the data breach leading to major losses could stem from employees using weak passwords.

Traditional authentication is no longer secure

Traditional authentication methods, which only rely on passwords and one-time authentication (OTP), are no longer strong enough to protect accounts against modern and sophisticated cyberattacks. In fact, this method has been bypassed in many ways in recent times, for example, hackers create fake websites to trick users into entering OTP, malware steals OTP on SMS or email.

The need for an optimal solution to current security problems

According to experts, the solution to combat account intrusion attacks is to use passwordless authentication for login. Passwordless authentication is now becoming the mainstream trend, adopted by many organizations around the world. Vietnam and other countries in the region are also in the process of transitioning from traditional authentication to passwordless authentication.

2. Passwordless authentication solution with YubiKey

What is YubiKey?

YubiKey is a security key provided by Yubico, a Swedish hardware authentication device provider with over a decade of experience in developing hardware authentication devices, trusted by 9 out of 10 leading technology companies in the world. YubiKey is used for two-factor authentication (2FA) and passwordless authentication, helping users to log in to their accounts conveniently and securely.

YubiKey works on all computing platforms, with all identity and access management (IAM) solutions and over 700 applications.

YubiKey physical security key
YubiKey physical security key

Key features of YubiKey

YubiKey products are diverse and meet the needs of a variety of users
YubiKey products are diverse and meet the needs of a variety of users

- One for all: Businesses use multiple platforms, each with a different authentication system, and thousands of other accounts: social media, banks, etc. Everything is - simpler with a single Yubikey security key.
- Secure data: When a smartphone is lost, important information can be "hacked" but not with Yubikey. The information is guaranteed to be safe, not leaked or extracted because Yubikey does not store credentials on the key.
- Redundant security: A single account can have more than one security key. Backup keys are an effective way to ensure safe use when lost or stolen without having to spend a lot of time on complex recovery.- Secure authentication:Yubikey can be used to authenticate anytime, anywhere, on any platform, and on any device. It does not require charging, is not afraid of losing signal, does not depend on a smartphone, is not dependent on a carrier, is shockproof, and is waterproof.- Secure authentication:Yubikey is not remotely controlled but through a near-field communication (NFC) and directly authenticates with a supported browser without going through an intermediary, avoiding cases of phishing websites, phishing emails, virtual access links, etc.

Strong integration capabilities

YubiKey works on all computing platforms, with all access management solutions and over 700 applications
YubiKey works on all computing platforms, with all access management solutions and over 700 applications

  • Use Yubikey as a smartcard to enhance security when logging in to a computer
  • Apply multi-factor authentication (MFA) with Yubikey to reduce the risk of password theft and access when connecting to the organization's network through VPN
  • Use Yubikey to perform multi-falctor authentication (MFA) with a different experience: just plug the key into the device and tap to authenticate
  • Integrates with the most widely used network services in the world such as Google, Facebook, Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, ...

Outstanding benefits of Yubikey

In addition to strong authentication, Yubikey is more than that:

- Reduces authentication time by 4 times, easy to use, all in just 1 touch

- Replaces password managers

- Prevent account takeover: Only users with the correct YubiKey can log in to their accounts, blocking account fraud before it happens

- Integration capabilities: Can be integrated with services from major brands such as Google, Dropbox, LastPass, Twitter and hundreds of other services

- Safe origin: Yubico produces YubiKeys in the United States and Sweden to ensure secure and reliable security solutions

- Save 90% of support and troubleshooting costs


3. HPT is a leading provider of YubiKey solutions for businesses

For security solutions and products for businesses, especially protecting business accounts and assets, a reputable supplier will be the top selection criteria:

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