Providing virtualization infrastructure solutions on the ORACLE SUN SPARC platform for Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Company.


Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Company (VMS), headquartered in Hanoi with operational and business locations throughout the country, has continuously improved service quality and expanded coverage to enhance competitiveness, development, and maintain its market share in mobile subscriptions nationwide. The company always strives to "improve network quality and rapidly expand coverage" while ensuring the best service from its technical and customer care staff in mobile information services. Therefore, the company places great importance on investing in infrastructure and Information Technology solutions for its overall operations with a clear and specific strategy and roadmap


- Numerous disparate and inconsistent data sources.

- Large volume of data..

- Each application installed on separate physical servers, limiting load balancing capabilities and resource sharing (CPU, RAM, HDD) to handle overloaded servers

- Uneven user access frequency to applications at different times, resulting in some application servers utilizing resources heavily while others remain idle

- Time-consuming installation of large application volumes on separate physical servers, involving multiple stages such as hardware driver installation, server raid setup, operating system installation, software environment component installation, and software deployment

- High energy consumption when operating multiple physical servers, requiring a significant number of power connections (if a server has one power source) or multiple times the number of servers (if a server has two power sources).

- The current system lacks high availability, and when one of the physical application servers encounters a failure, the application stops working, requiring considerable time to restore normal operations.

- Complex system operation, high operation and maintenance costs, but low server responsiveness.

- Timely and accurate reporting of information to support operational management. Increasing the business efficiency through real-time data analysis from organized data sources.


After surveying, analyzing, and evaluating the provincial-level VMS5 system, HPT's experienced consulting team proposed the Virtualization Solution for Server and Application at VMS5, including the following stages:

- Replacement of outdated and underperforming servers in provinces with new servers.

- Investment analysis of different server models with varying performance for different provincial groups, aiming to save hardware investment costs while ensuring optimal performance for the province's applications


- Consolidation of up to 128 virtual machines on a high-performance SPARC server

- Flexible and secure virtual machine migration between hosts

- Dynamic resource management of CPU, memory, and virtual I/O

- Automatic CPU resource management.

- High availability for virtual network redundancy and disks


- After successfully deploying the Sun SPARC virtualization solution for VMS5, HPT has met the initial requirements set by the leadership and technical team of VMS5, helping standardize, centrally manage, and optimize the system.

- Establishment of a centralized and high-quality Data Warehouse, facilitating immediate access to necessary information according to needs 

- Consolidation and standardization of the data system, enhancing information reliability 

- Provision of easy and fast statistical and analytical capabilities for business users.

- Familiar and user-friendly tools across web applications, desktop, and mobile devices.

- Centralized administration: Application servers reside within the virtualized system, with virtual Host servers compactly placed on a single rack in the server room, saving space and energy 

- Cost savings in administrative investment 

- System resource optimization: The virtualization technology maximizes resource allocation and utilization. It also enhances disaster recovery/high availability capabilities for multiple systems, meeting the demands of both legacy and new systems

- Flexible future scalability 

- Enhanced disaster recovery capabilities for the system 

- Technology transfer to the IT management and operations team after the successful implementation of the project.


Mr. Du Thai Hung, Director of IT Center at VMS, highly evaluated the Sun SPARC virtualization solution recommended by HPT for VMS5. The solution has contributed to the development of VMS5's IT infrastructure, laying the foundation for easy development of new applications while saving costs in system management and operations in the future. Additionally, he praised the dedication and professional approach of HPT engineers, which accelerated the project progress and exceeded the set milestones. HPT will be one of the pioneering choices for VMS in future IT infrastructure development projects.