Leveraging RPA strength: HPT brings efficient transformation in wood technology enterprises

1. Harnessing the power of RPA – The future development trend

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - Automating processes using software robots to perform repetitive, manual tasks is becoming increasingly prevalent. According to Gartner, RPA ranks among the top 10 leading technology trends globally in the 2020s, with the global market expected to reach $13.74 billion by 2028.

By harnessing the power of automation through software robots, HPT Vietnam Corporation (HPT - UPCOM) has assisted customers in transforming complex, repetitive processes into fully automated and more effective tasks. RPA is applied across various industries, even those seemingly operating traditionally.

2. Starting automation from the most essential process - Human resources

HPT's client is a reputable wood technology conglomerate that has developed for over 30 years. The conglomerate specializes in manufacturing, supplying, installing, and executing interior and exterior furniture, primarily in interior design, wood processing, and forestry.

Aiming to become one of the leading furniture conglomerates in Southeast Asia by 2030, the conglomerate needs to expand its workforce scale to grow business operations. However, the process of onboarding new personnel faces challenges in terms of time and the number of personnel needing daily processing, making it challenging to accelerate recruitment to meet the conglomerate's goals.

How has HPT applied RPA to the conglomerate's HR process to achieve the outstanding efficiency seen today?

a. Automating the HR process, rapidly expanding and efficiently scaling

With over 2000 employees distributed among 20 subsidiaries and factories, the fluctuating staff numbers range from 100 to 200 personnel in various capacities such as full-time, collaborators, temporary staff, etc. The workload for the HR department is substantial.

Average time taken to create all accounts for each new employee:

- Approximately 60 minutes/employee for 6 software accounts.

- Onboarding an average of 10 new employees/day.

- Total execution time exceeds 10 hours/day, over 200 hours/month.

The limited number of IT staff to support this operation, repetitive tasks, and the time-consuming nature impact the team's ability, affecting incident resolution time and exploring new technology applications for the conglomerate.

Understanding the process intricacies and the challenges faced by the client, HPT proposed and implemented RPA for this operation. Software robots, based on job descriptions, rapidly and accurately create accounts as required.

Automate the process of creating (deleting) new employee accounts

b. RPA streamlines the onboarding process for new personnel, making it efficient and swift

The metrics demonstrate the outstanding efficiency of RPA when applied to the conglomerate's HR process

Furthermore, the personnel responsible for previous tasks have been freed from repetitive work, allowing them to dedicate more time to high-value strategic development for the conglomerate. See more details about the solution here

3. Achieving outstanding efficiency, HPT's client expands RPA application across multiple core processes

Measuring and assessing the tangible values of technology and costs of RPA, beyond its application in the HR process, HPT's experts continued to gain trust from clients to deploy RPA in various processes, such as:

- Order filtering process: robots gather data, generate accurate reports swiftly, and send weekly report emails.

- BOM upload process: accelerating the update process of 15,000 product codes per day, averaging 100 codes in 0.5 hours (previously 100 codes in 3 hours).

- Debt recovery process: A robotic assistant checks the weekly debt figures, extracts data from SAP, and automatically sends reminder emails to the responsible personnel to ensure timeliness and accuracy.

4. Automate Today with HPT!

Leveraging expertise and RPA deployment experience, HPT has helped clients reduce processing time, enhance accuracy, standardize production steps, and surprisingly optimize work indicators. This aids businesses in quickly adapting to technological shifts, strengthening competitiveness, and meeting the market's stringent demands.

This success not only attests to the technology's prowess but also highlights HPT's understanding of market dynamics and business needs. With nearly 30 years of experience in the IT field, HPT incessantly endeavors to research, develop, and apply new technologies, providing clients with optimal technological solutions.

HPT is presently an official partner providing RPA solutions from major partners such as Microsoft (Power BI), UiPath. Explore successful RPA implementations by HPT's clients here.
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