Relieving system bottlenecks for Prudential Vietnam with IT system maintenance services

1. About Prudential

Established in 1848 in London, United Kingdom, Prudential Corporation is one of the world's leading financial conglomerates, providing life insurance products, financial services, and asset management in the United Kingdom, United States, and Asia. With over 165 years of listening and understanding customer needs, Prudential consistently ranks among the top 10 global insurance groups and is one of the leading life insurance companies in the UK. Currently, Prudential serves approximately 24 million life insurance customers worldwide and manages assets with a total value of up to £599 billion (as of 12/2016). In Asia, with over 90 years of experience, Prudential operates in 14 markets, including its presence in the Vietnamese market since 1999.

Having been in Vietnam since 1995 and officially operating in 1999, Prudential is bringing financial protection solutions and effective asset growth to over 1.5 million Vietnamese people. The company is always at the forefront of the market in applying advanced information technology in its products, services, and operating systems. Annual investment in purchasing, warranty, maintenance, and technical support services is a priority for Prudential to maintain stability for its IT equipment system.

2. Prudential's expectation is to maintain stability for its IT equipment system

Current system status

The majority of server and network equipment is located at the Data Center in Ho Chi Minh City and the DR site in Binh Duong, while some equipment is placed in offices throughout Vietnam. Timely maintenance and troubleshooting of these devices require Prudential to invest in a large workforce with high-level expertise. Therefore, Prudential is seeking capable partners to support hardware maintenance and issue resolution at the most reasonable cost.

With practical experience in numerous projects, HPT has conducted an analysis of the current situation and identified three areas where Prudential requires support:

Provision of professional, fast, and accurate service personnel: As a data-intensive organization, Prudential places special emphasis on the quality of personnel deployed by service providers. Engineers must possess deep expertise and be able to handle incidents anytime, anywhere, providing accurate diagnoses of system status.

Minimization of incidents and quick resolution of issues: Prompt identification of potential incidents and the provision of contingency plans help streamline the management and operation of Prudential's system. In unexpected situations, there should be readily available spare components and a team of technical advisors to promptly address any arising issues.

Integration of a single service provider: With maintenance requirements for various types of equipment, Prudential would otherwise have to manage multiple service providers, leading to suboptimal and complex management processes, adding pressure to the operations team. To mitigate this risk, when HPT provides services, Prudential will only manage a single comprehensive service provider, saving time and eliminating the need to work with multiple providers for different requirements.

3. IT Maintenance Services - Simplifying Solutions for Every Business Expectation

Effective implementation

- Having a team that closely monitors the system's operations and is sensitive to unforeseen incidents is something that every business desires. And IT Maintenance Services provide such a solution.

- For Prudential, HPT performs regular maintenance services for all the devices in the customer's IT system, including servers, network equipment, storage devices, firewalls, and access points.

- HPT's inventory warehouse is stocked with a variety of components and equipment to quickly meet the replacement needs and address any hardware-related issues.

- The IT infrastructure is managed systematically, with clear and detailed information and documentation. HPT's experienced team of engineers, trained and certified by leading companies such as HP, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Juniper, is ready to support Prudential in resolving any issues promptly and in accordance with their commitments.

Optimal service, strict companion policy

With all these advantages, Prudential has chosen HPT's IT MAINTENANCE SERVICES solution for its system. This solution not only helps the company achieve its initial goals - meeting standards and streamlining Prudential's maintenance tasks.

  • Regular maintenance every 3 months.
  • 24x7 support for issue resolution.
  • Free replacement of faulty components.
  • Consultation for hardware configuration upgrades.
  • Support for firmware upgrades and patch updates. 
  • Assistance with OS configuration and backup software installation

4. Effective

The IT systems are regularly maintained to ensure that Prudential's services provided to customers run smoothly and uninterrupted, just as desired. Error patches and firmware updates are also promptly applied, resulting in improved work performance. Prudential has achieved its goal by investing in this service: reducing the pressure of managing the support team, simplifying vendor management, saving time, and providing professional and prompt services.