Prudential Vietnam utilizes IT Team Management service to enhance flexibility in service delivery processes and improve user experience


Established in 1848 in London, United Kingdom, Prudential Group is one of the world's leading financial conglomerates, providing life insurance products, financial services, and asset management in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Asia. With over 165 years of listening to and understanding customer needs, Prudential consistently ranks among the top 10 global insurance groups and is one of the leading life insurance companies in the UK. Currently, Prudential serves approximately 24 million life insurance customers worldwide and manages assets with a total value of up to £599 billion (as of December 2016). In Asia, with more than 90 years of experience, Prudential operates in 14 markets, including Vietnam since 1999.

The close coordination among global offices and business units has enabled Prudential to leverage the advantages of increasing customer demand for asset accumulation and retirement income. Its global operations, income from various geographical regions, and diverse product offerings have given Prudential a competitive edge.

- Prudential Vietnam Limited Liability Insurance Company is expanding its competitiveness in the insurance industry.
- Inefficient implementation of IT Service Management causes IT to lack focus on business needs.
- There is a need to change the strategy of managing the support staff to assist users.
- IT adjustments do not align with the company's strategy and lack proper management control over the Helpdesk function.
- Effective improvement of IT service management is required.


• Provide IT Team Management service.
• Evaluate the current state of the existing IT Helpdesk team to identify lingering issues that need improvement and change.
• Propose solutions to enhance the service and deliver the best service experience for users.


We understand that Prudential wishes to transfer the IT Helpdesk department to an experienced and professional IT company to ensure the best support service experience for users while meeting service commitment requirements.

Based on this requirement, we have analyzed the current state of the IT Helpdesk department and identified the following key aspects that need to be ensured in the IT Helpdesk team management service provided by HPT:

• Enhance professionalism. 
• Efficient and consistent management. 
• Analyze and improve inadequate processes. 
• Maintain service readiness. 


IT Helpdesk

• Providing user support services 8x5 (8 hours x 5 days per week). 
• Coordinating with other teams to resolve issues. 
• Conducting quarterly technical training updates for the helpdesk department to enhance technical knowledge and meet service level agreement (SLA) commitments. 

IT Asset Management

• Regularly updating the database containing information on managed assets and tracking asset activities such as procurement, delivery, retrieval, repairs, losses, faults, .... 
• Performing regular internal assessments and monitoring the quality throughout the asset lifecycle. 
• Coordinating with other departments to ensure timely reception and installation of devices upon user requests. Addressing user inquiries regarding IT asset allocation. 
• Providing reports on IT assets. Conducting asset reconciliations and audits. Performing checks and optimizing procedures to ensure accuracy. Collaborating with other teams to resolve process-related issues. 


Based on Prudential's requirements, we have proposed solutions to manage the IT Helpdesk service with a fully outsourced model (provided by HPT) while ensuring the stability and operation of Prudential's systems and processes. The achieved results include:

• HPT has leveraged its best practices and practical experiences to implement process improvements;
• Compared to increasing personnel, the SLA-oriented approach provides increased feasibility, scalability, and effective management of stakeholders' expectations for Prudential;
• The SLA-driven approach towards process improvements brings significant measurable benefits to Prudentiall;
• The budget, calculated based on project workforce, has been specifically planned for a certain period;
• IT system management and outsourced supplier engagement record keeping have been successfully managed and maintained up to the present.