Outsourced maintenance services help VP Bank ensure stable IT systems and reduce the burden of system management

About VP bank

Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank (VP Bank) was established on August 12, 1993. VP Bank has been steadily building its reputation as a dynamic bank with stable financial capabilities and a commitment to the community. The bank has always been at the forefront of the market in applying advanced information technology to its products, services, and operational systems. Along with the establishment of a strong and efficient corporate culture, VP Bank has successfully developed and implemented core HR management systems.

As a trusted bank known for its service capabilities, VP Bank has high requirements for the quality of its own systems as well as the ability to deploy and address issues from suppliers. That's why they have chosen HPT as their reputable partner to carry out this project.

Challenges facing VP bank's system

VP Bank's Data Center is located in Hanoi, housing over 350 servers, storage devices, and network equipment. To maintain these devices in a ready state, VP Bank needs specialized personnel and adequate spare components to ensure timely replacement in case of hardware failures. This leads to:

- Having to engage with multiple service providers to handle incidents.

- Needing to stock sufficient spare components, incurring significant costs.

- Requiring an investment in a team of infrastructure and hardware engineers.

Understanding VP Bank's needs, HPT has proposed three criteria for its system maintenance solution:

- Effective service: Significantly reduce unnecessary costs.

- Convenient service: Manage all maintenance and incident resolution requirements through a single service provider.

- Professional service: High expertise to provide service anytime, anywhere.

HPT service offerings

Service description

HPT provides maintenance services for all IT system devices of VP Bank, including servers, network equipment, storage devices, firewalls, APs, and more. HPT's warehouse holds a variety of components and equipment to quickly meet replacement needs and address hardware-related issues. HPT's experienced team of engineers is trained and certified by reputable companies such as HP, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Juniper, ensuring prompt resolution of issues in accordance with commitments.

Service Responsiveness

  • Regular maintenance every 3 months
  • 24/7 support for incident handling
  • Free replacement of faulty components
  • Hardware configuration upgrade consultation
  • Firmware upgrade and patch updates support
  • OS configuration and software backup installation support


  • Establishing an IT infrastructure that is always ready and capable of quick recovery, minimizing system downtime. 
  • Ensuring compliance with Service-level Agreement (SLA) requirements. 
  • Reducing IT operational costs.