IT Services


HPT offers a wide variety of technical maintenance services to maximize the availability of your IT infrastructure. Our services include on-site service, depot repair services, contract based service agreements and ad-hoc repair services. With available on-site technicians that are certified by all of the major hardware and software vendors, you can feel at ease knowing that your IT equipment will be supported throughout its lifecycle.


In the current era of digital technology development, managing and maintaining IT systems has become an important issue for most businesses and organizations. However, to be effective in managing and developing their IT systems, businesses need specialized employees with in-depth knowledge of IT. This requires businesses to spend a lot of time, resources, and costs on recruiting and training experienced staff in the field of IT. HPT is committed to providing customers with the highest quality all-in-one IT services at reasonable prices, with a dedicated and professional staff. Our technical team will ensure that your IT system operates stably, securely, and efficiently


Nowadays, every business wants to strengthen their work by recruiting skilled professionals who know their job so well. But, sometimes for businesses it is not easy to hire permanent employees. Besides, organizations are always in a state of change, and many IT organizations find the complexity and quantity of technology resources needed - as well as the deep level of expertise required to support change and growth - are nearly impossible to deliver. Most critical business operations run through IT infrastructure, and business can’t afford to have it running inefficiently. Controlling IT costs and limiting the impact of changing demands are keys to keep business productive and competitive. Our services enable IT to drive greater technology performance, increase efficiency, and support achieving organizational goals. IT department might need to outsource some of its work in order to maintain efficiency. IT outsourcing can be offered in two options: staff augmentation or managed IT services.

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