Cloud services

"Eciency - Secure - Professionalism - Reasonable"

With the strength and competencies in Cloud solutions and services, HPT has the ability to meet customers’ demand based on the above criteria.
HPT not only has ability to consult and deploy Cloud solutions but also Cloud services to optimize business and management systems for enterprises/ organizations.


Cutting down IT investment costs:

• Reducing hardwares and electric power costs. • Saving IT operating, administration and maintenance costs..

Simplify system management:

• Managing applications, customer services easily from any browsers.

• Managing without more IT staffs.

• The information is stored securely in the datacenters with the ability to backup, continuous prevention and disaster recovery.

Consulting and planning

HPT offers business and technical guidance to customers to enable them to successfully transform to Cloud.
- Requirements Assessment
- TCO Analysis
- Environment Assessment
- License selection


We has predictable cloud services roll out path that ensures that implementation is smooth.
- Trial Setup
- Project plan
- Hybrid system setup
- Solution roll out

Infrastructure as a Service

- Cloud VPS
- Cloud VDC
- Cloud Disaster Recover (Cloud DR)

Support and administration

We provide a monthly xed price support services that allows our customers to use our expert consultants for troubleshooting and administration. We’ll help you with user on boarding process by training users on eectively using cloud solutions.

Migration and Integration service

We will help you move your data safely and securley to Cloud. We integrate Cloud services with your existing applications meticulously to ensure zero complexity.

Typical Clients