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Catching up with the "new tactics" of hackers: Encrypting business data through TeamViewer

The cyberattack through remote support software TeamViewer has caused serious damage to businesses in Vietnam, resulting in many organizations becoming victims of the incident (according to a report from VietnamNet). The damage not only stops at financial losses but also extends to the loss of important data.

In the first two months of this year, Bkav has received a series of assistance requests from many businesses in Vietnam. The common situation is that computers in the internal network are collectively encrypted, making the data unrecoverable. Analysis has identified the 'culprit' of the attacks as the LockBit 3.0 malware, a type of ransomware with many improvements compared to previous versions, especially in encryption scenarios and propagation methods, capable of bypassing conventional security solutions.

Bkav's experts, based on recent experience supporting businesses in handling ransomware attacks, have determined: Negligence and complacency in user security are still the main causes of safety and security issues for systems.

According to Bkav's expert analysis: "Employees within organizations or businesses often lack vigilance when using TeamViewer. For example, they often use the same ID and password for multiple software, applications on shared computers, or transmit TeamViewer account information through channels such as chat, email... which can inadvertently lead to information leaks."

Experts also recommend that users be cautious when sharing IDs and passwords via email or social networks, avoid using weak default passwords, and not allow TeamViewer to start with the computer because then the ID and password will not change.

The mechanism of attack by hacker organizations using TeamViewer remote support software has caused serious consequences for businesses in Vietnam. Let's go through the impacts and consequences of these attacks together with HPT:

  • Financial losses: Businesses have to pay ransom to hackers to recover data, leading to financial losses.

  • Business operations disruption: Data loss may disrupt business operations, affecting reputation and brand.

  • Risk of information leakage: Stolen data can be sold by hackers to third parties, leading to the risk of confidential information leakage.

The assessment of ransomware attacks as a common issue is not only in Vietnam but also globally, especially for organizations and businesses in the financial sector. Representatives from the Information Security Department also emphasized that this issue poses a significant challenge for organizations, requiring them to enhance security capabilities to ensure the safety of their information systems, especially personal data storage systems and online transaction service systems. This poses an urgent task for units to apply advanced security measures and raise awareness of cybersecurity to counter increasingly complex cyberattacks.

The serious impacts of these attacks have posed significant challenges to businesses. So what should businesses do in the face of these risks and dangerous impacts?

  • Change default passwords: Set strong passwords for TeamViewer and change them regularly.

  • Limit the use of administrator accounts: Only use administrator accounts when necessary and limit access rights.

  • Install antivirus software: Install and update antivirus software regularly to protect computers from malware.

  • Backup data regularly: Back up data regularly to be able to restore it in case of attack.

  • Enhance awareness among employees: Train employees on cybersecurity and how to recognize phishing emails, fake links.

Looking back at these attacks, we realize that ensuring cybersecurity is not only the responsibility of technology experts but also the duty of every business. Here are the lessons we can learn from these regrettable events:
  • Businesses need to raise awareness of cybersecurity: Cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue for businesses in the digital age. Businesses need to implement adequate security measures to protect data and systems from cyberattacks.

  • Be cautious when using remote support software: Remote support software like TeamViewer can be a double-edged sword. Businesses need to be cautious when using this software and only use reputable, clearly sourced software.

  • Have a data backup plan: Regularly backing up data is the best way to protect data in case of an attack.

In addition to individual measures that businesses can take to protect themselves from cyberattacks, HPT always accompanies customers in providing effective security solutions. HPT is committed to not only providing advanced technology solutions but also supporting consultation and implementation of security measures suitable for the specific needs of each business.

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