Industry Solutions

HPT is proud to be associated with the success of many leading organizations / enterprises of all sectors from Government to Finance, Banking, Manufacturing ...


The current period and the next 10 years will be the period when the Vietnamese economy will have strong moves in the process of integration with the world economy. Accordingly, the financial market of Vietnam faces both opportunities and challenges. If taken well, the opportunities that come from integration can bring financial markets to a new level. But the challenges are many and some challenges are unsolvable.

The integration led to the emergence of many foreign banks with good financial capacity, technology, management level and diversified and high quality product systems. This presence better meets the diversified needs of customers, also makes competition in the financial market more fierce.

Companied with the financial market in Vietnam over the past 20 years, in this context, HPT provides solutions and services to address the challenges of the banking industry.

Governmental organizations

Being trusted by state agencies, HPT has participated in modernizing IT infrastructure as well as maintaining IT infrastructure for the Office of Government, Ministry of Finance, Department of Information and Communication of provinces, Provincial Tax Offices, State Treasury.


HPT provides software services and solutions for the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

Help businesses improve efficiency in distribution management. Helps enterprises to more closely control and analyze more effectively the basic elements of distribution such as display, coverage, compliance of sales teams, Gift, POSM, etc.

With its reputation and professionalism, HPT has conquered major Distributors, further strengthening their success in the Vietnamese market with Microsoft Office 365 service solutions, Microsoft solutions including Windows platform, Windows Server, SQL Server and System Center, and many other Microsoft productivity products ... (VinGroup, Lotte Mart).


Understanding the ever-increasing challenges that Enterprises face, HPT cooperates with leading IT partners to bring the manufacturing, service, comercial enterprises... advanced IT services to optimize operating costs, increase business efficiency.